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Hair Stylist, Lash & Make-Up Artist

Hey all! I’m Jessica!
I’m a 35 year old Michigander, a wife, mama, and fur mama.

Hairdressing kinda fell into my lap when I was 16. I had the opportunity to go to beauty school in high school. I instantly fell in love with everything hair and makeup. My favorite thing to do is styling hair and creating different looks. I even won 2nd place in a curling-updo competition while I was in school.

More recent, after being a stay-at-home mom and working out of my home, I decided to get my lashing certification and go back to a formal salon setting. I’m so excited to be back and make people feel their best!

Some fun facts about me:
⭐️ I have a bachelor’s degree from Oakland university in physiology, wellness and nutrition
⭐️I love painting and art
⭐️ Mexican food is my love language 🌮🌯
⭐️My favorite place to travel is traverse city 💙💛

Follow me on my professional page at @thejessofalltradesbeauty

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